Friday, July 3, 2009

last day in sevilla

today was our last day and sevilla and THE FIRST DAY WE GOT TO SLEEP IN.

we didnt have to be downstairs ready to go until 11:30!!
it was probably one of the best feelings in the entire world.
we we all got downstairs we went to the boat and took a little guided tour around the little harbor type place. then we went to lunch and had siesta time until we went to the flamenco show at night.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cathedral and fortress

today was adventure day in sevilla.

we got up early and met our tour guide before we went to the fortress and the cathedral.

it was really interesting to see all the architecture and all the patterns.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


today we traveled to sevilla.

on the way there we stopped in cordoba to see the "mezquita"

it was really really interesting on the inside and we ventured around there for most of the day.

when we got to sevilla we just walked around to get to know the town a little.

we went to dinner and then went to sleep.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


today was the best day ever.

we got up around 9 and went to breakfast (ellen, avery and i). we had a really great "toast with butter" and ORANGE JUICE before we went shopping. i didnt do any shopping besides buying some stuff in the stadium in madrid so i got my shop on.

i got a purse, a bracelet and some sandals before i went on buying souvineres for everyone else back at home. we did on assignment stuff after that and then just had siesta time. around dinner time we had a surprise birthday for brandon and then went to the biggest dinner that ive ever eaten. it was 5 courses.

Monday, June 29, 2009

the hike

today we went on a hike.

it started out being a group hike but after about 10 minutes we realized that dovan wasnt infront of us anymore so merritt, lierin, hanna, robert, ellen, jaime, kate, allison and i ventured around the mountains on about a 4 mile hike to the closest town. it was SUPER fun.
once we got home and took a serious siesta we hiked up to the square to take pictures of the alhambra at "blue hour"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mountains and horses.

so yesterday i didnt take pictures of anything that was really relavent to anything having to do in spain. sorry.
yesterday we worked in our "on assignment" groups. our group is robert, merritt, eve and i and were talking about modernism in the andalucian culture. its great. we had lunch at the restaurant where we ate paella and calamarie last time but this time i had paella and the beef like at home. after some down time we went to the cathedral and to see where ferdinan and isabelle were buried then a SURPRISE. it was the best surprise of our lives we went to an arab bath place. basically all we did was sit around in the different pools (cold, warm and hot), sauna and get a FABULOUS 15 minute massage. we got home at 2 in the morning and had to get up this morning at 9. that was super difficult.

this morning we ran out the door to go to a horse farm. it was just a really really spectacular day. i felt right at home. we got to wonder around the farm, talk to the people that work there, watch some people pratice and found the most precious dog ive ever seen in my life (other than snowball ofcourse). we were there until almost 2 and then went to this chinese place. can i just say how much i LOVE chinese food? because i do. it was so good. it was like fogo de chao kinda (p.s. im so going there when i get home) where we got to pick the meat and they cooked it with whatever sauce and they had such good fruit AND really good egg rolls. the place didnt top china view or anything but it was for sure good enough for being in the middle of granada, spain.

Friday, June 26, 2009


so today we went to a ranch and we got to watch professional bull fighters test out the girl bulls to see if they were good enough for breeding or if they were just going to be sold to a slaughter house. they stick the bulls which kind of made my stomach flop but it was a really really cool experience. we got to talk to salvador vega but none of us really thought anything of it until the owner of the ranch showed us a magazine that he was on the cover of and told us how famous he was. we were shocked because he was really nice and seemed really down to earth. i think i can officially leave spain with a full sense of accomplishment watching these guys play around with the bulls and thankfully not killing them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


today was sadly our last day with tino. we will definatly miss all the adventures that he took us on and the peppiness that he had in the morning when all of us needed it. today we took a trip to a flamenco studio where we got to photograph a group of flamenco dancers that were practicing. it was really cool and really beautiful.

granada so far.

granada has been amazing.

the first day we had churros for breakfast... theyre good here and everything but i think that the ones from miami are much much much better. (just an opinion) then we ventured around the market with tony "fishing" for pictures. basically stalking people and stealing picutres which has proven to be super super fun. we walked up the hill and ended up at st.nicholas square infront of the alhambra. we did that twice, once in the morning and once right before dinner. we had dinner at an indian restaurant and then had a lesson by tony.

on day two in granda we went to the science park. the planetarium was cool but i was the only one who understood what they were talking about because it was all in spanish. we went to the butterfly garden and it was litterally like going to a sauna. i felt assured that all of my pores were cleaned out though because we were only in there for 3 minutes and i came out dripping sweat from every single pore in my body. we had tino time at the end of the day and that was that.

yesterday was a really fun day. we went to a conference room at a really nice hotel and had a picture showing. tino looked at all of our pictures and told us what we need to do to improve our pictures and what we do really well already. we had the best lunch that we have ever had at this spanish restaurant and then had a loooooong siesta time. we got up and went to a bar to watch the spain vs. usa game. we were supposed to get dominated but instead ended up winning... coolest feeling in the world to be surrounded by a bunch of americans and beat the team that was supposed to be the best in the world. we went to the alhambra at night and it was pretty beautiful.